Aleknagik Traditional Council was formed by a panel of seven members which later became the seven council members of the Tribe. 


The Constitution & Bylaws of the Aleknagik Traditional Council was adopted/passed on March 4, 1985 by seven members of the tribe (Miriam Olson, President - Thomas Noden, Vice President - Jane Etuckmelra, Secretary - Gusty Chythlook, Sr., Treasurer - Nina Tinker, Member - Carla Fortune, Member & Thomas Tinker, Member). 


The Preamble States: "We, a group of members of the Traditional Council and all members of the village enrolled in the Traditional Council of Aleknagik, Alaska having a common bond being at least one-quarter (1/4) or more Eskimo, Aleut, or Indian, do hereby in order to promote our welfare through the development of governmental and economic enterprise establish this Constitution and Bylaws."